Horse to human – new coaching experience

How do we use in daily life what we learn through Horse-to-Human Coaching?

Today I got an interesting question:

How to apply the knowledge we gain through Horse-to-Human? Is it more accessible with horses or with people?

Horse-to-Human is a concept through which the natural transfer of knowledge, wisdom, and experience takes place from horse to man.

Although we often say that the horse mirrors our insides, our patterns, this is only partially true.

The horse, like man, has its personality, its authentic character. We are used to seeing what we carry in ourselves, so we recognize similarities. Research shows that we choose what we know when we make choices because it is a survival mechanism.

My clients always choose a horse that is similar to them in many ways, so the horse seems to mirror them. Sometimes the horse is mirroring what we don’t want others to see or deny from ourselves.

Choosing a horse that is similar to us can be a relief but also a significant challenge. Because our coaching partner is identical to us, he triggers those patterns we don’t want to see. Sometimes, the horse does not react to our intentions or goes in the opposite direction from where we wanted it to go. That causes frustration, so my clients sometimes say, “I picked the wrong horse.”

When that happens, I try to explain the advantages of such a situation. Unlike humans, a horse does not need to behave inauthentically. Or to tell you things he doesn’t think. If you’ve often felt that people are dishonest with you in your relationships, then Horse-to-Human is an excellent opportunity to check out why this is so.

Remember: at the beginning of this post, I wrote that Horse-to-Human is the transfer of knowledge and experience.

The horse does not recognize in us the synthetic layers that we have created during our life. He sees what is essential, authentic in us. That is why communication took place at that level, which can be very challenging for many. People may believe our “masks,” but the horse doesn’t see those masks.

I claim that it is much harder to apply the knowledge learned in working with horses than with humans. But once you know how to use knowledge, you won’t care who you face because you will realize that as long as you are connected to your authentic, you can achieve everything you want.

And how do we connect with our authentic part?

Through a one-day Live with Ease workshop held once a month, on Fridays from 1-5 PM at Kassai Horseback Archery School Austria.

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I look forward to your applications!