Horse to human – new coaching experience
Horse to human – new coaching experience
Hi, I am Azra. A Sociologist, an entrepreneur + a mom of three = mompreneur.

I am a seeker. I have always been on a quest for knowledge. In search of wisdom.
My life is just like yours: a lot of research.
I am a person with a degree of a Sociologist, a degree of NLP Therapeutic Counsellor and Horse assisted coach,
currently working on a Master’s Thesis in the field of Business Psychology.
However, I am also a person who seeks spirituality.

I believe that each of us can change the world. This is why adore my coaching work. Because the coaching is a silent revolution of human consciouness.


Lead with Ease

Using horses in corporate team building can give yourbusiness leaders the chance to be authentic leaders - a leader that people will follow and trust.



Do you wish you had a place where you could relax, vent, and hear only yourself thinking, without worrying that someone will judge you or tell you what to do? Do you feel that you’ve stepped into autumn a bit unprepared? Yes, me too!



Here is an exclusive offer for all of you who, together with your partners and family, would try something completely new, learn a lot about each other, and have a good time along the way.


What my excellent clients say

"Wonderful group in Simply me retreat, thanks Kerstin & Azra and a great 'program', good ideas and suggestions and yes, what can I say, the coaching with the horses is soooo inspiring and full of self-knowledge. Gladly again, but, as discussed, it can be longer! And sleeping in a tent was also a highlight. Conclusion: beautiful, quiet place, wonderful horses, 2 beautiful, cozy tents and two very good companions. Highly recommended! PS and great dear participants!"

Karin Breidel

What my excellent clients say

"It was a great, insightful, inspiring time in Simply me retreat. Thank you very much!"

Karin Pikner

What my excellent clients say

"I already miss you all, miss this place and miss my horse Meshi! The location is enchanting, the energy is healing, Kerstin and Azra are the best team ever! They love what they do and because of that the whole retreat stays close to my heart ! I am definitely coming back, and bringing my husband to see and feel this place. And this retreat deserves more than 24 hours - at least 1 day one more for integrating all the processes and to spend more time in the nature and heal. Big hug to all of you! See you soon!"

Adela Mehic Dzanic

What my excellent clients say

“The coaching with the horses was very inspiring, fascinating and instructive and I was able to experience new aspects about myself again. It was very enriching that Azra translated the horses' signals and reactions into words and metaphors in order to make it easier for us humans to understand. ”

Nicole Steininger

What my excellent clients say

“It was fascinating to see and feel how the horses react to situations, feelings and people. I can recommend this seminar to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and their own topics and I am very grateful for this great experience! ”


What my excellent clients say

Although I faced with fear, for me this workshop was a wonderful experience! I couldn't even imagine being close to horse, but today I had even walked beside him! I learned a lot about myself, both professionally and privately. The workshop gives reason for deeper thinking: Who am I? How others perceive me? And now I better understand other people and their behavior. Thank you!


What my excellent clients say

"I was here and now, showed great presence in what I was doing, was very happy to do it, was able to explore and exceed my limits, experienced immense freedom, was able to forgive others and thus ME - experienced it as a" heart opener ", and I look to the future with a positive outlook. ”

Dagmar Pazourek


I am very proud because my clients say that thanks to my programs, they have achieved:

To feel more confident
They took their lives into their own hands again
They communicate much more powerfully and more clearly
They connected with their inner wisdom
They use intuition a lot more when they make choices and trust themselves more
They have a better sense of their worth, and that helps them achieve what they want in their career
They do not hesitate to demand more in accordance with what means more to them
They feel connected to other beings on the planet and believe that they are part of a community that makes positive changes…

Thanks to these changes, many of my clients have made the most significant moves in their private and business lives,
resolved some complex relationships, asked for a pay raise or better working conditions,
and started their own businesses.

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Homo sum: nihil humani a me alienum puto. – Publius Terentius Afer.

I am a human being. Nothing human can be alien to me. Knowledge is my high value and spreading it is my mission. Let mi know if I can support you.

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