Horse to human – new coaching experience

Wingwave® coaching

At Wingwave® Coaching, we deal with emotions, both pleasant and unpleasant.

The effect of the wingwave is instantaneous and measurable! The whole session takes 1-1.5 hours.The result you can expect is the release of traces of permanent stress, the removal of blocked emotions and the creation of a feeling of high functionality.

About Wingwave® Coaching:

It is known that our brain during sleep “processes” everything we experienced during the day, and processes unpleasant emotions so that the next morning we wake up “like new”, not feeling the burden of the stressful situation we previously experienced.

But if a situation was too stressful for us, the brain does not seem to complete this self-healing process and a painful trace of experienced stress remains in us. This is true for both large and small traumas – from a car accident, experience with violence, etc. to stress at work or quarrels with a partner. Due to the trace of unprocessed stress, unpleasant images and feelings return to us and new unpleasant feelings arise that hinder us and prevent us from using all our potentials.

Topics covered during Wingwave® Coaching:

– fear of public appearance
– nervous before the exam
– preparing the athlete to achieve emotional stability
– preparing managers to increase emotional flexibility and better cope with stress
– Fear of dentists
– Fear of flying a plane
– fear of earthquakes
– fear of diseases
– stress due to a traffic accident
– phobias
– work on self-confidence
– control of unpleasant emotions (eg anger)
– control of feelings of addiction to food and smoking,
– working with many other unpleasant feelings.

The basic procedure in wingwave coaching is rapid eye movements or waking REM phases by which the brain is “reprogrammed” in such a way that it stops reacting to negative experiences that have burdened us and caused stress or trauma. The effect is achieved by triggering REM phases in the awake state with guided eye movements by the client following the coach’s hand as it moves quickly left and right. In this way, we start the same process that our brain performs for us while we sleep when it erases, processes, elaborates and neutralizes the stressful emotions we experienced during the day.

With this extremely effective method, we first get rid of the uncomfortable feeling, and then it is replaced by a new, pleasant feeling. This means that after coaching, when we remember or face the stressful situation we have been working on, it no longer causes any discomfort in us. Also, if we are preparing for an event (exam, performance, competition) after coaching, we will have at our disposal the pleasant feelings we need at that moment (self-confidence, calmness, etc.).

What is the investment:

1 Wingwave® coaching session € 180 + VAT
5 Wingwave® coaching session3 € 780 + VAT