Horse to human – new coaching experience

The Art of Leadership


Leaders who don’t motivate.
Communication that doesn’t lead to a solution.
Toxic work culture.
Wrong people in working positions.
Leaders who drive change are also role models.
Effective communication.
A healthy and supportive work culture.
The right people are in the proper positions.
Art of Leadership seminar – according to the HorseDream concept.
The Art of Leadership is a one-day or two-day seminar, assisted by horses, which aims to support you in developing transformative leadership skills to be active drivers of change in your business environment.
Why horses?
Because they do not make distinctions and do not judge.
Because they don’t care how expensive your suit is, your car, and don’t care about your titles.
The only thing that matters to the horse is: can I trust this person? Will this person take me to safety?
Believe it or not – your colleagues, your managers, and the people you work with are also wondering the same thing: can I trust this person to take me/us/the project to safety (achieve success)?
Take your team to safety in an easy way, assisted by horses, in the middle of nature, and only 20 minutes from Vienna.
The Art of leadership seminar will take place on April 22nd from 10 am – 6 pm at the Kassai Horseback Archery School Austria in Bockfließ.
The registration fee for the Art of Leadership seminar is €688
The fee includes:
 – Working materials
 – Coffee, tea, snacks
 – Lunch
One part of this amount is intended for the project of the “Bosnian Mountain Horse Austria” stud farm in Bockfließ.
In this way, you support the idea behind the Horse-to-Human concept, which is (also) the preservation of the Bosnian mountain horse – the oldest indigenous breed in the Balkans, nowadays facing extinction.
Kassai Horseback Archery School Austria