Horse to human – new coaching experience

Systemic Constellations with horses

The Horse-to-Human concept is a serious game. Coaching process through which we choose the best tools to:
 – Look at topics that hurt you but may bring an important message.
 – Make meaningful life and professional decisions.
 – Raise awareness of the roles which we play.
And much more.
Horses can be our best support through this process. That’s why I created a special workshop, “Systemic constellations,” where you will have the opportunity to be part of a group where the participants have an equal role, both humans and horses.
In a group like this, we will look into topics you might not dare to look at alone.
The registration fee for the “Systemic constellation” workshop is €80.
Entirely amount is intended for the project of the “Bosnian Mountain Horse Austria” stud farm in Bockfließ.
In this way, you support the idea behind the Horse-to-Human concept, which is (also) the preservation of the Bosnian mountain horse – the oldest indigenous breed in the Balkans, nowadays facing extinction.
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