Horse to human – new coaching experience

Simply Me Retreat

Simply me is a unique opportunity for all of you who are looking for sisterhood made up of women with whom you will connect on a level of values, who understand your dreams desires but also your fears.
Women who are so self-aware that they know that feeling good is only possible if we allow space for others in our environment to be authentic and their own.
Women who will gladly raise the veils of the “White Tent” and let you in to create a high vibration of togetherness.
Simply me retreat is an opportunity to do something good for yourself.
To get rid of all those roles that you play in the outside world and create a burden for you.
Wear dresses where you feel comfortable and let your body guide you through dance, meditation, horse coaching, walking through the woods.
To feel connected to other sisters and remember how it used to be, in communities, when they cooked together and sat by the fire in the evening and when the most beautiful stories were told and slept in traditional tents.
And we have 2 Mongolian tents ready for you!
Kerstin and I are here to wish you the warmest welcome to our sisterhood, and the horses of Kassai School are here to remind you with their wisdom and tenderness that you too have these resources within you and will show you how to use them.
Apply today, and the Simply me retreat will take place on September 17th (we will start on Saturday at 10 AM and end on Sunday at 4 PM)
The price for this experience is € 380
Write to or for more information!
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