Horse to human – new coaching experience

Live with Ease (February)

Do you wish you had a place where you could relax, vent, and hear only yourself thinking, without worrying that someone will judge you or tell you what to do?

Do you support all the people around you but feel that you are not supported?

If so, I’ve got you. I understand.

That’s why I created the Live with Ease workshop program – New coaching experience. I offer you space to feel seen and heard. And that you can be with yourself. Without prejudice, condemnation. No advice. No fixing.

Live with Ease – is a program designed as your Timeline. It’s your intimate circle of confidants, supporters, and friends. And, of course – horses.

We will work in small groups, once a month, on Fridays from 1 to 5 PM

We have 8 very limited spots in this first offer. I encourage you to register quickly and secure a place in a unique workshop Live with Ease – a new coaching experience. An additional benefit is the possibility to register for the entire package of workshops (each time is a new experience!).


By signing up for 6 workshops, your investment is € 960 (€ 160 per workshop).

The price of an individual workshop is 180 €.

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