Horse to human – new coaching experience

Horse To Human Sneak Peek

The Horse-to-Human concept is based on the wisdom that horses have nurtured for centuries, and now we are ready to receive it.


This wisdom consists of three basic postulates:


Personal values.

Each individual in the group is equally valuable. Although the herd (group) roles are evident, each member is equally valuable, and hierarchy does not mean that some have more rights than others.



The rules in the group are clear, and members do not need to be reminded of them every day. The herd knows who and what role it has, and everyone performs their duties easily and without objection.


Presence at the moment.

The basis of the Horse-to-Human concept is the knowledge of how to be present here and now.

Horses are natural mindfulness teachers; observing them often means learning from them.


The Horse-to-Human concept is reachable in practice.

It is not wisdom you will learn from books, so it is precious.


Come and get insight into H2H-concept at the specially created event, “Horse-to-Human Sneak Peek,” on February 19th from 1 PM to 3 PM at Kassai Horseback Archery School Austria.


We will dive into H2H philosophy with a short meditation and sense the spirit of horses, our bodies, and personal boundaries.


We will also experience a few coaching exercises, so you will have a clear feeling and insights into what Horse-to-Human coaching looks like at the end of the day.


We will also discuss some questions like:


  • What exactly does “horse-assisted coaching” mean?
  • What if I’m scared of horses?
  • Do we ride during our sessions?
  • How can I overcome fears and anxiety and be here and now? …


Horse-to-Human sneak peek is my gift to all of you who are ready for the transformative experience brought by horses.

The participation fee for this unique event is 30 €. With this fee, you support the project of the “Bosnian Mountain Horse Austria” stud farm in Bockfliess.

Language: German, English, Bosnian






Kassai Horseback Archery School Austria