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Simply Me and BalancePoint

Simply Me and BalancePoint

Friday is Venus Day. Friday is the day of awakening female energy, and then it is highly recommended to make something beautiful for yourself.

That is why Kerstin and I created a unique workshop that has only one function: unleash your feminine power and wisdom. Network with other women who are on the same wavelength. Because the sense of belonging to the community is such a powerful thing, and after a year of online networking, it’s time to hang out live! And outdoor, in the middle of nature, with horses, only 20 minutes from Vienna! (Shhhh, at home, they won’t even notice you’re missing, but they’ll notice the unique energy radiated by a satisfied woman!)

We are familiar with the feeling when due to many obligations we do not manage to take a day off that we would dedicate only to ourselves. Kerstin is a mother of two children, I am a mother of three children, we are business women and we are as dedicated to our careers as we are to the family, but we are also women who have many desires and dreams.

We know the feeling when we miss ourselves, when we seem to losing control of our lives. But we also know that it only takes us a few hours to regain our strength, recharge our batteries and face daily responsibilities. It only takes a few hours to find our BalancePoint.

And can there be a better day for something like that than Friday, Venus Day?

We will start the workshop with meditation with horses, continue with horse-assisted coaching and end symbolically with archery.

Five hours of hanging out in nature, celebrating women’s wisdom and fun, learning from horses how to regain power over our lives, setting up healthy boundaries, and learning new skills like archery. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you can give yourself on a day when female energy is especially active?

Simply Me and BalancePoint one-day workshop is part of the Simply Me retreat that we will organize two times this summer (06-07.06. and 08-09.08) and can be a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with the energy of the “White Tent” tribe and the community of wonderful and powerful women.

Investment: 118 €


118 €

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